Picardo dating

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The idea of putting a Borg on board gave us a chance to have a wild child there.

, but these days its a love of real science here on Earth that is his passion.So we had set up certain precedents that I was a little concerned about because I didn't want to suddenly become a different character.But on the other hand, I thought if the writers are choosing to do this, it's for the exact reason to put someone in charge who's not a born leader, to see what happens, how he develops, and how he's accepted.” All that tangible tension is business as usual for Picardo.“The public is getting engaged again and when you have an administration with different priorities, people have to speak out,” Picardo said getting political for a moment.As for stories, Picardo recounted how he ended up getting the role of the Doctor on Voyager, and it began with playing another doctor with a terrible bedside manner, on stage in L. “I read the description of the character and it said ‘colourless, humourless’ and I thought ‘Doesn’t that sound like a bucket of fun for me? So he decided to try out for Neelix instead, which went to his friend Ethan Phillips in the end (“Thank God,” Picardo added), so the Voyager production asked Picardo back to read for the Doctor, which he reluctantly accepted.

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