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Bhaiya but theres only one reason, why a boy calls a girl Didi..

***************** Lovers sitting in a park, boy tries to kiss the girl.. Boy: Don't worry darling "I am already MARRIED" ***************** Why do girls look beautiful?

Girls call his style “cool and calibrated”; he’s adept at smoothly meeting girls everywhere from the beach to the dance floor.

Cody prides himself on versatility, and specializes in both fast (~20 minute) hookups, and slow, sensual seductions.

Boys have g Ud IMAGINATION ***************** Boy: I kiss u without touching U .

***************** Ek ladki class me gana ga rahi thi "O zara-zara touch me, touch me, touch ME..." Tabhi ek ladka utha OR ladki ko chhu liya aur bola himmat hai to aage Gaa.. Love i Z when i walk to other SIDE of classroom to sharp my pencil, Just to See her..

Whatever bad boy you have your heart set on, the key to attracting one is to keep him on his toes while impressing him with your confidence.

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If you need to get messages related to boys or girls so now days you can get it very easily. Boy: Lo Kar Lo Baat, Friendship Hui Nahi Farmaishan Shuru! She says she needs someone to go to the movies with, and her requirements are not even that high. Does it really matter if you had s*x the first time you met? I just want the right guy and am scared of getting hurt cos when I love I love with all my body and soul. I will die for true love and I will give my all for true love. See her passionate plea below: “How long can you stay with out s*x? It’s so difficult with fame to find a guy dat will love you and trust you. Guys and girls dat have more than one gf\bf, do you really love them all? You don’t have to be cool to be my man and you don’t have to be rich to rule my world. “My friend and I just made a bet and we want you to settle it. ” I’d just read some pick-up advice that told me to approach girls in bars with that question. They even began debating each other and trying to argue their viewpoints playfully to me. We all do it, it’s not a big deal.” As I awaited the wrath of three women, I was surprised to hear them laughing and sharing their opinions.

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