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Such systems have been lacking the ability of real- time data collection and support.

This paper proposes a solution to the traffic signal The One-persistent Multichannel CSMA Protocol with Monitoring Functions Based on Conflict Resolution Algorithm in WSNfree download Abstract In the Wireless Sensor Network, a new MAC protocol: one-persistent CSMA protocol with monitoring functions and multichannel mechanism for Wireless Sensor Network based on conflict resolution algorithm is proposed.

Traffic Density Control and Accident Indicator Using WSNfree download Now a day's many of the things get controlled automatically. For example traffic controls, road DEVELOPMENT OF ARM7 BASED SENSOR INTERFACE FOR INDUSTRIAL WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK (WSN) IN IOT ENVIRONMENTfree download Abstract: The paper describes the performance and functional characteristics of Arm based wireless sensor node in monitoring the parameters such as CO2, temperature, humidity and light around the pipeline structure.

Everything is getting controlled using the mechanical or the automated systems. The system is deployed to monitor any deviations in AUTOMATIC IRRIGATION SYSTEM FOR AGRICULTURE FIELD USING WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK (WSN)free download Abstract-In India, agriculture plays an important role for development in food production.

It offers advanced functionality such as transactions, events, querying and distributed processing as well as numerous integrations with frameworks such as the JCache API standard, CDI, Hibernate, Wild Fly, Spring Cache, Spring Session, Lucene, Spark and Hadoop.

The primary use for Infinispan is to provide a fast in-memory cache of frequently accessed data.

Java-based example of using the Kafka Consumer, Producer, and Streaming APIs Basic example of using Java to create a producer and consumer that work with Kafka on HDInsight. Single-Page Application built using Angular2.4 and with Azure AD B2C A single page app implemented using Angular 2.4.5 that signs up & signs in users using Azure AD B2C and calls a web API using OAuth 2.0 access tokens.

Developing a Java app using Azure Cosmos DB Azure Cosmos DB's Graph API provides the graph data model and Gremlin.

distributed cache updating using dynamic source routing protocol-90

distributed cache updating using dynamic source routing protocol-30

Originally, port numbers were used by the Network Control Program (NCP) in the ARPANET for which two ports were required for half-duplex transmission.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical decentralized naming system for computers, services, or other resources connected to the Internet or a private network.

It associates various information with domain names assigned to each of the participating entities.

The Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) and the Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) also use port numbers.

They usually use port numbers that match the services of the corresponding TCP or UDP implementation, if they exist.

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