Dating a stanley plane

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So, if you have a plane that's one-half inch shorter or longer than what's mentioned here, don't go thinking that you have some ultra-rare version of the tool.You don't (except in the case of the #2One other thing - you'll note that I sometimes refer to the cutter as the iron and vice versa.20, 1877." Screw down lever cap with fancy cap screw.

The location and design of the bed markings vary on the other sizes and thus almost require a separate study.

Average Price Type 1 - (1877 to 1880) Has an ornate front knob with "Stanley Rule Level Co." and "Patented September 25,1877 in a circular border.

The cutter is stamped "Stanley Rule & Level Co., New Britain, CT" and "Pat'd April 18,1876" and "Reis'd Mar.

I didn’t think Stanley started making plane there until much later. Now, interest is rising again, check the IG posts on them, proud woodworkers and their English Stanley’s.

They did move tool production there, but the plane production is still a mystery with conflicting information. No 4 1/2 smoothers English (type study draft below). (NB: adjusting nuts went from brass to steel to brass and back in this period.

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